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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Parent & Family Engagement

Announcing the State of New Jersey's newest Website, NJ Parent Link, The Early Childhood, Parenting and Professional Resource Center NJ Parent Link is a broad based public/private initiative (10 state departments and 14 community/professional partners) supported by the federal Health Resources & Services Administration's, State Early Childhood Comprehensive System (ECCS) Program Grant (2009-2012).
New Jersey Health and Senior Services is the lead agency for this project, coordinating over 30 government service units participating on the website development team.
Highlighting state services and resources, the goal of NJ Parent Link is to improve the accessibility, coordination and delivery of information and services to parents of young children, to improve the communication capabilities between the public and private sectors, and provide the IT foundation for inter/intra agency service collaborations and policy development.
Innovative website features include: interactive consumer content sections: tailored subscription services, a community calendar of events: continuing education/leadership postings: a children's art gallery and streaming video for public service announcements.

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