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Student Registration Information

Registration Center
Public School #3 Annex
5401 Polk Street, West New York, NJ


To register your child(dren) in the West New York School District for the first time, please click the correct application from the available links on this page to complete the pre-registration process for EACH child that you need to register.

The pre-registration process requires two (2) steps:
1. Create a parent/guardian account on the registration site. Only one account per household is needed.
2. Start the registration process by signing in with your account. A confirmation email from InfoSnap will be received once the pre-registration information has been submitted.

The registration process is not complete until you schedule and attend an appointment in person. You will be prompted to schedule an appointment when you have completed the online registration process.  Please note: ONLY A CUSTODIAL PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN can officially enroll a student; therefore, they MUST be present at the registration appointment.

Note: Bold text below can be clicked on for additional information

  • Original Birth Certificate and a certified translation for non-English Birth Certificates
  • Three (3) Original Proofs of Address (refer to Residency Requirements for details)
  • Two (2) passport size photographs of the student
  • Physical Examination Records: Signed and stamped by a physician and school nurse
  • Previous school records (if applicable)
The above list is not all-inclusive. For other ways to establish eligibility for registration purposes, please review the District's complete policies and regulations at Policy #5111 and Regulation #5111