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Anti-Bullying Brochure for Parents: English Spanish



http://www.apa.org/topics/bullying/index.aspx - American Psychological Association website's link to information, articles, and resources on bullying.


http://www.glsen.org/ - The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network has anti-bullying resources and support for schools on their website www.glsen.org


http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/playground_heroes/ - "Playground Heroes" an interesting article on bystander behavior by Ken Rigby and Bruce Johnson.


http://www.mcgruff.org/#/Main - Kids' friendly website. McGruff offers kids advice on bullying, teasing, and being safe.


http://www.nea.org/- The National Education Association (NEA) website and Bully Free: It Starts With Me campaign have many research article resources available on bullying.


http://www.pacer.org/bullying/ - Provides resources for adults about bullying, with a special focus on children with disabilities.


http://www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/ - PACER Center's Kids Against Bullying website- an interactive website for elementary school children with games, contests, videos, polls, real life stories, etc.


http://www.pacerteensagainstbullying.org - PACER Center's Teens Against Bullying Website - interactive website for teens hosted by teens.


http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/friends/index.html - PBS KIDS It's My Life Website - provides information, advise, games, activities, videos, etc for children on bullying and other topics pertinent to school-aged children.


http://www.schoolclimate.org/bullybust/ - Bully Bust by the National School Climate Center is a website designed to help students and adults become "upstanders" - people who stand up to bullying and become part of the solution to end harassment, teasing, and violence in schools. The website offers free support and resources for students, parents, and teachers in addressing bullying incidents effectively and creating a culture of "upstanders" both inside and outside of school.


http://www.stompoutbullying.org/ - STOMP Out Bullying™ - a national anti-bullying and cyberbullying program for kids and teens is a signature program of Love Our Children USA™ who since 1999, has been the national nonprofit leader and 'Go-To' prevention organization fighting all forms of violence and neglect against children in the U.S. This website is "child-friendly" and offers a wide variety of information in different formats. There is also an "Adults Page" with resources for parents and educators. The website provides a STOMP Out Bullying Live Help Chat Line for children over the age of 13 connected to trained volunteer counselors. The help line is not available to adults - students only.


www.stopbullying.gov - Website provides information from various government agencies on how children, teachers, parents, and community can prevent bullying. Also contains webisodes for kids on bullying situations, with questions at the end.


http://www.stopcyberbullying.org - Website for children ages 7-17, parents, and teachers on cyberbullying.


http://www.thetrevorproject.org/ - The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LBGTQ youth by providing resources and a nationwide, 24 hour hotline. If you are considering suicide or need help, call: 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386).