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Health Notices

2016:  All 3-4 year olds enrolled in the West New York Pre-K Programs must have the flu vaccine administered no later than 12/31/16.  If students are not vaccinated, they will not be permitted to attend Pre-K until March 31st (duration of the flu season) or until proof is presented stating they have received at least one dose of the influenza vaccine.
Healthcare for Kids: If you do not have a health insurance policy you may obtain one through NJ Family Care which provides free or low cost insurance for children and their parents/guardians. For more information about NJ Family Care or to apply, please call 1-800-701-0710 or visit www.njfamilycare.org As the law also requires, the New Jersey Department of Education is now assisting the New Jersey Department of Human Services in its efforts to identify uninsured children and to help family's access free or low cost health insurance. For more information please visit www.horizonNJhealth.com