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Grades 9-12

Section 1: Honors Classes Summer Reading and Activities.
Section 2: Summer Reading for all general classes.

Activities to coincide with readings can consist of projects, research, summaries, compare and contrast essays, etc., and should be submitted digitally via Google Classroom.

Current 9th Graders going to 10th Grade Class Code: yqgbhy
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Books can be borrowed from the West New York Public Library (if available)

Reading Selections can also be found online:

Section 1

Summer Reading Requirements for Incoming Honors' Classes

* Please pick up your readings from the assigned Honors teachers unless indicated otherwise.


Grade Reading Assignment
English 9 Honors (Miss Tsiaklis) 1984 by George Orwell (books will be given out by Mr. Jimenez at the Middle School Project Guidelines on Teacher Webpage
English 10 Honors (Miss Hoffman)
English 10 STEAM Honors (Mr. Ouvina)
The Book Thief byt Markus Zusak; Forgotten Fire by Adam Bagdasarian Project Guidelines on Teacher Webpage
English 11 Honors (Mr. Alonso) Grendel by John Gardner; Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; The Stranger by Albert Camus TBA on the first day of class (hint: Existential focus on readings)
English 11 STEAM Honors (Mr. Arricale) Eistein by Walter Isaacson; The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon Project Guidelines on Teacher Webpage
English 11 AP (Mr. Alonso) Grendel by John Gardner; Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; The Stranger by Albert Camus TBA on the first day of class (hint: Existential focus on readings)
English 12 Shakespeare Honors (Mrs. Moore) Titus Andronicus y William Shakespeare; The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare TBA on the first day of class
English 12 Honors (Mrs. Gutshteyn-Gomez) Siddhartha by Hemann Hesse; Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston; The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch TBA on the first day of class
English 12 Honors STEAM/SHAKESPEARE (Miss Lentini) TBA TBA on the first day of class
English 12 AP (Miss Blauvelt) A Raisin in the Sun by L. Hansberry; Wuthering Heights by Bronte See teacher website.  Assignments 2nd week of school



Section 2

Summer Reading Activities General Education Classes - Choose from the list or a grade level appropriate text

Grade Literature Non-Fiction/STEAM
Incoming Grade 9 Agee, James -- A Death in the Family Story of loss and heartbreak felt when a young father dies.

Anderson, Sherwood -- Winesburg, Ohio A collection of short stories lays bare the life of a small town in the Midwest.

Baldwin, James -- Go Tell It On the Mountain Semi-autobiographical novel about a 14-year-old black youth's religious conversion.

Bellamy, Edward -- Looking Backward: 2000-1887 Written in 1887 about a young man who travels in time to a utopian year 2000, where economic security and a healthy moral environment have reduced crime.

Bellow, Saul -- Seize the Day A son grapples with his love and hate for an unworthy father.

Bellow, Saul -- The Adventures of Augie March Set in Depression era Chicago, it is the coming-of-age novel of the larky Augie March. Bellow has provided a remarkable account of Augie and his brother Simon, and their fatherless family comprised of his rather gentle and witless other, adopted Grandma Lausch, and her poodle, Winnie.

Bradbury, Ray -- Fahrenheit 451 Reading is a crime and firemen burn books in this futuristic society.

Cather, Willa -- Death Comes for the Archbishop This historical novel is set in nineteenth century New Mexico and describes the experiences of two well-bred French priests sent there to establish Catholicism in Santa Fe. Cather, Willa -- My Antonia Immigrant pioneers strive to adapt to the Nebraska prairies.

Chopin, Kate -- The Awakening The story of a New Orleans woman who abandons her husband and children to search for love and self-understanding. Cisneros, Sandra – House on Mango Street A traditional, coming-of-age story from the perspective of a Latina-Americana.

Clark, Walter Van Tilburg -- The Ox-Bow Incident When a group of citizens discovers one of their members has been murdered by cattle rustlers, they form an illegal posse, pursue the murderers, and lynch them.

Cooper, James Fenimore -- The Last of the Mohicans The Mohicans were the possessors of the country first occupied by the Europeans. They were, consequently, the first dispossessed; and the seemingly inevitable fate of all these people, who disappear before the advances, or it might be termed the inroads, of civilization, as the verdure of their native forests falls before the nipping frosts, is represented as having already befallen them.

Cormier, Robert -- The Chocolate War Jerry Renault challenges the power structure of his school when he refuses to sell chocolates for the annual fundraiser.

Crane, Stephen -- The Red Badge of Courage During the Civil War, Henry Fleming joins the army full of romantic visions of battle which are shattered by combat.

Dorris, Michael -- A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Three generations of Native American women recount their searches for identity and love.

Dreiser, Theodore -- An American Tragedy Written in 1925, the book is the story of a young man Clyde Griffiths, whose troubles with women and the law take him from his religious upbringing in Kansas City to the fictional town of Lycurgus, New York
Attenborough, David -- The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth Various habitats expand the vision of Planet Earth.

Bronowski, Jacob -- The Ascent of Man A scientist's history of the human mind and the human condition.

Carson, Rachel -- Silent Spring Carson's original clarion call to environmental action sets the stage for saving our planet.
Incoming Grade 10 Ellison, Ralph -- Invisible Man A black man's search for himself as an individual and as a member of his race and his society.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo -- Selected Essays Ralph Waldo Emerson is widely regarded as one of America's most influential authors, philosophers and thinkers.

Faulkner, William -- As I Lay Dying The Bundren family takes the ripening corpse of Addie, wife and mother, on a gruesomely comic journey.

Faulkner, William -- The Sound and the Fury Depiction of the decline of the once-aristocratic Compson family, the novel is divided into four parts, each told by a different narrator.

Hammett, Dashiell – The Maltese Falcon After the death of his partner, private eye Sam Spade is dragged into a quest for a priceless statuette.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel -- The Scarlet Letter An adulterous Puritan woman keeps secret the identity of the father of her illegitimate child.

Heller, Joseph -- Catch-22 A broad comedy about a WWII bombardier based in Italy and his efforts to avoid bombing missions.

Hemingway, Ernest -- A Farewell to Arms During World War I, an American lieutenant runs away with the woman who nurses him back to health.

James, Henry -- The Portrait of a Lady James explores the theme of 19th -century Americans encountering European culture.

James, Henry -- The Turn of the Screw As a ghost story, this tale details the classic struggle between good and evil and dealings with the supernatural. If taken as a psychoanalytic study, then the story emphasizes sexual repression and the sources of insanity.

Kesey, Ken -- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest A novel about a power struggle between the head nurse and one of the male patients in a mental institution.

Keyes, Daniel – Flowers for Algernon Charlie Gordon is a young man with an IQ of 68 who has a job at a box factory and attends night classes in an effort to improve himself. An experimental brain operation becomes available that promises to triple intelligence. The story consists solely of Charlie's diary entries from the time he hears about the operation through the operation and his dramatic increase, and subsequent decrease, of IQ. Kingston,

Maxine Hong -- The Woman Warrior An inspiring message about female empowerment and the collective spirit of the Chinese American community.

Knowles, John – A Separate Peace Boarding-school life is plagued by the issues of envy, violence, and alienation, but the novel has an ultimately positive and even nostalgic perspective.

Lee, Harper -- To Kill a Mockingbird At great peril to himself and his children, lawyer Atticus Finch defends an African-American man accused of raping a white woman in a small Alabama town.

Lewis, Sinclair -- Babbitt This novel follows two years of realtor George F. Babbitt’s life, during which Babbitt goes from a lifestyle of complete conformity with the business world, to a period of rebellion including heavy drinking and adultery, and back again to conformity.

Lewis, Sinclair -- Main Street A young doctor's wife tries to change the ugliness, dullness and ignorance which prevail in Gopher Prairie, Minn.

London, Jack -- Call of the Wild Buck is a loyal pet dog until cruel men make him a pawn in their search for Klondike gold.

McCullers, Carson -- The Member of the Wedding A young southern girl is determined to be the third party on a honeymoon, despite all the advice against it from friends and family.

Melville, Herman -- Bartleby the Scrivener The narrator, an elderly lawyer who does a comfortable business helping wealthy men deal with mortgages, title deeds, and bonds, relates the story of the strangest man he has ever known – Bartleby, a new addition to the narrator's staff.

Melville, Herman – Billy Budd This is a story of Billy who, though a decent man, is treated badly by his master-at-arms and kills him unintentionally. The cause of this sorry circumstance is Billy’s stammer that prevents him from defending himself in words when he is wrongfully accused. The tale follows his trial and subsequent martyr-like hanging.

Melville, Herman -- Moby-Dick A complex novel about a mad sea captain's pursuit of the White Whale.

O'Connor, Flannery -- A Good Man is Hard to Find Social awareness, the grotesque, and the need for faith characterize these stories of the contemporary South.
Darwin, Charles -- The Origin of Species The classic exposition of the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Hawking, Stephen -- A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes Cosmology becomes understandable as the author discusses the origin, evolution, and fate of our universe.

Leopold, Aldo -- A Sand County Almanac: And Sketches Here and There Leopold shares his present and future visions of a natural world.
Incoming Grade 11 Bronte, Charlotte -- Jane Eyre An intelligent and passionate governess falls in love with a strange, moody man tormented by dark secrets.

Bronte, Emily -- Wuthering Heights One of the masterpieces of English romanticism, this is a novel of Heathcliff and Catherine, love and revenge.

Camus, Albert -- The Stranger A man who is virtually unknown to both himself and others commits a pointless murder for which he has no explanation.

Carroll, Lewis -- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland A fantasy in which Alice follows the White Rabbit to a dream world.

Cervantes, Miguel de -- Don Quixote The Ingenious Knight Don Quixote of la Mancha), better known simply as Don Quijote was written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and is by far the most well-known Spanish literary piece ever written. It has been translated, fully or in parts, into more than 60 languages.

Chaucer, Geoffrey -- The Canterbury Tales Written sometime in the 1380s, the first selection of short stories in English is about a group of pilgrims who agree to tell stories while they travel together to Canterbury.

Conrad, Joseph -- Heart of Darkness The novel's narrator journeys into the Congo where he discovers the extent to which greed can corrupt a good man. Dante -- Inferno The essence of Dante’s philosophy is that all virtues and all vices proceed from love.... Dante's vehement denunciation of the ecclesiastical corruption of his times, and his condemnation of most of the contemporary popes to hell have led to some questioning as to the poet's attitude towards the Church

Dickens, Charles -- A Tale of Two Cities The love triangle is the basis for the complex relations between Charles Darnay, Lucie Manette, and Sydney Carton and is transposed onto the French Revolution, an event that embodied the same issues on a historical level.

Dickens, Charles -- Great Expectations The moving story of the rise, fall, and rise again of a humbly-born young orphan.

Dostoevski, Feodor -- Crime and Punishment A psychological novel about a poor student who murders an old woman pawnbroker and her sister.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes personifies the intellectual's faith in logic and on examining facts to find the answers to a supernatural mystery

Forster, E.M. -- A Passage to India A young English woman in British-ruled India accuses an Indian doctor of sexual assault.

Golding, William -- Lord of the Flies English schoolboys marooned on an uninhabited island test the values of civilization when they attempt to set up a society of their own.

Grass, Gunter -- The Tin Drum Oskar describes the amoral conditions through which he has lived in Germany, both during and after the Hitler regime.

Hesse, Hermann -- Siddhartha Emerging from a kaleidoscope of experiences and pleasures, a young Brahmin ascends to a state of peace and mystic holiness.

Hugo, Victor -- The Hunchback of Notre Dame A story of unrequited love between a man horribly disfigured and a beautiful woman who loves someone else, the novel conveys a spiritual element not only in its historical setting, but in its characters.
Curie, Eve -- Madame Curie In sharing personal papers and her own memories, a daughter pays tribute to her mother, a scientific genius.
Incoming Grade 12
Hugo, Victor -- Les Miserables This novel paints a vivid picture of Paris's seamier side, discusses the causes and results of revolution, and includes discourses on topics ranging from the Battle of Waterloo to Parisian street slang.

Mann, Thomas -- Death in Venice In this novella, an author becomes aware of a darker side of himself when he visits Venice.

Tan, Amy -- The Joy Luck Club After her mother's death, a young Chinese-American woman learns of her mother's tragic early life in China.

Wilde, Oscar – The Picture of Dorian Gray After Basil Hallward paints a beautiful, young man's portrait, his subject's frivolous wish that the picture change and he remain the same comes true.

Woolf, Virginia – To the Lighthouse Written from multiple perspectives and shifting between times and characters with poetic grace, this novel is not concerned with plot. Instead, it paints a verbal picture of the members of the Ramsay family and their friends.

Beckett, Samuel -- Waiting for Godot Powerful, symbolic portrayal of the human condition.

Brecht, Bertolt -- Mother Courage and Her Children A product of the Nazi era, Mother Courage is a feminine "Everyman" in a play on the futility of war.

Chekhov, Anton -- The Cherry Orchard The orchard evokes different meanings for the impoverished aristocrat and the merchant who buys it. Euripides – Medea An ancient tragedy of human jealousy and rage that led a woman to infanticide, the most "unnatural" of deeds--a deed that, for 2500 years since this play was written, has been a pathognomic for female madness.

Hansberry, Lorraine – Raisin in the Sun Set in 1950 America, this play explores not only the tension between white and black society, but also the strain within the black community over how to react to an oppressive white community.

Ibsen, Henrik -- A Doll's House A woman leaves her family to pursue personal freedom.

Marlowe, Christopher -- Doctor Faustus First dramatization of the medieval legend of a man who sold his soul to the devil.

Sophocles – Antigone Antigone, a daughter of Oedipus, is one of the first heroines in literature, a woman who fights against a male power structure, exhibiting greater bravery than any of the men who scorn her.

Our Town The dead of a New Hampshire village of the early 1900s appreciate life more than the living.

Williams, Tennessee – The Glass Menagerie This play may be an introspect into the famed author's life. In their own ways, each of the Wingfields struggles against the hopelessness that threatens their lives.

Huxley, Aldous -- Brave New World A bitter satire of the future, in which the world is controlled by advances in science and social changes.

Wells, H.G. -- The Time Machine A scientist invents a machine that transports him into the future.

Wells, H.G. – The War of the Worlds The Martians, fleeing their own planet because its resources are depleted, invade our Earth, landing in England, sweeping through the countryside, destroying or capturing everything in their