West New York Public Schools

Board Of Education

President Adam Parkinson Vice President Damarys Gonzalez
Hudson County School Board Association Chair - Education, Special Education, & Technology Finance Personnel & Policy
Term: January 2014-December 2016 Term: January 2015-December 2017


Trustee Silvio Acosta Trustee Jonathan Castaneda
Chair - Facilities, Negotiations Chair - Finance, Community Relations, Personnel and Policy
Term: May 2013-December 2016 Term: January 2016-December 2018

 Trustee Matthew Cheng Trustee Dennise Mejia
 Education, Special Education,
& Technology
Chair - Personnel & Policy, Community Relations, Facilities, Negotiations
Term: February 2014-December 2018 Term: January 2015-December 2017

Trustee David Morel Trustee Lorena Portillo
  NJ School Board Association, Chair - Community Relations, Finance
Term:  May 2016- December 2016 Term: October 2014-December 2018


Trustee Steven Rodas
NJ School Board Association Delegate, Chair - Negotiations, Education, Special Education, and Technology, Facilities
Term: May 2014-December 2017    











The West New York Board of Education trustees serve without compensation, except for the satisfaction they receive from the public service they perform.

The Board of Education’s most important duties include the following; the creation, evaluation, and update of policies for the entire school district; the second is to develop an annual budget for the district; the third is to approve or disapprove the Superintendent’s recommendations in regard to personnel matters and contracts; and finally, the fourth duty of the Board is to act as a communication link between residents of the Town of West New York and the School District.

Board members, in order to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, receive extensive training through the New Jersey School Boards Association.

The West New York Board of Education welcomes residents to communicate their concerns to the Board by letter, phone call, or a statement under the "public portion” of one of the Board’s meetings.