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Educational Technology

The West New York School District believes that people are empowered by their independent use of information technologies and united by opportunities to share resources and communicate in our local and global communities.  In this age of information, it is essential that the West New York School District commit to preparing its students to work in an evolving, information-centered global community.  Given the rapid pace of technological change and the growth of information technologies in all aspects of our lives, it is critical that students become familiar with the tools of information technology.  All students and staff must be competent in using these tools to obtain information, to communicate, and to solve problems.

What is the West New York District's Technology Plan?

The district's technology plan is a detailed document that has been approved and accepted by the New Jersey Department of Education. The 2016-2019 plan can also be viewed in its entirety from the technology area of this website.

What resources are available to prepare all students to use technology?

All students and staff are encouraged to use technology daily.  This is done through a variety of online digital tools, including bu not limited to, Safari Montage, our digital library, and You Tube for Education.

Every kindergarten through sixth grade classroom is equipped with computers. Students begin receiving formalized computer instruction in the first grade in the schools' computer labs. Students are also scheduled to use the available resources in the school's Media Centers and Open-Access Labs. Wireless laptop computers are also available for use by an entire class to integrate technology with classroom instruction. All fourth grade students are assessed in computer and information literacy.

Seventh and eighth grade students are housed in a new state-of-the-art building where each classroom is equipped with computers, large-screen television sets, VCRs, DVDs, and streaming videos. The students are scheduled to receive instruction in a fully equipped computer lab. The Media Center offers students and teachers the use of a large computer lab, wireless laptop computers, video cameras, digital cameras, multi-media projectors, large screen television sets, VCRs, DVDs, and overhead projectors. All students in Grade 8 are assessed in computer and information literacy.

The high school has eight computer labs, an Interactive Television classroom, a portable wireless lap-top station, and a Media Center.  Although technology is integrated into the instruction, there is also a wide-range of elective computer courses available to the students.  The high school is also a Certified Microsoft Testing Center, and students who are enrolled in Intermediate Computer Applications are given the opportunity to receive Microsoft Certification.

What type of technological communication is available in the district?

A district-wide technology infrastructure of data and voice networking is available to every classroom, educational support area, and administrative office. All district employees have e-mail accounts connected through Microsoft Outlook Web Access web mail.

What is the district's Acceptable Use Policy?

This policy is in place for every employee and student in the district. It outlines how the district's technology can be used and must be signed by each employee and by the parent/guardian of each student. The policies in their entirety can be viewed on the district's website. Details...

How is technology used to communicate with others?

Communications for all students, staff, parent(s) and/or guardian(s), and community members is maintained by the district website. This website contains updated educational information and the opportunity for communication. The district also uses BlackBoard Connect to send personalized messages to thousands of parents, faculty, staff, and students.