Superintendent's Message


On behalf of our Board President and Trustees, “Welcome Back to School”.

On September 5, 2014, approximately 8,400 preschool through twelfth grade students walked through the doors of our schools and were greeted by staff and administrators who eagerly prepared for their return. The start of a new year always brings a promise of new hope, new challenges, new learning, and new possibilities for all students and their families. Educators, parents, and students alike are given this opportunity to begin anew with renewed energy and enthusiasm for our common purpose: generating new thoughts and ideas, nurturing, and sustaining a love of learning.

As we begin this year, the Board of Education has identified the following goals on which the District will be focusing:

1. Provide the resources necessary to assist the schools in reaching their individual annual progress targets as indicated by the New Jersey Department of Education.

2. To improve and increase parental involvement and communication with parents and the community.

3. To make safety a priority for the school community.

As always, academic achievement is our main priority. Curriculums are aligned to National Common Cores and all New Jersey Standards. Curriculum rigor and instructional practices are continually reviewed and evaluated to ensure our students are College and Career Ready when they leave Memorial High School.

Increasing parental and community communication with the schools continues to be another focus. Please visit our website frequently for updates and, if your children attend our schools, log into our Parent Portal. This will assist all parents in monitoring their child’s academic process in grades 1-12. You are always invited to attend school functions in which your child may be participating. Also, we encourage you to attend any Parent Meetings which are scheduled to occur within your school. Look for information in your child’s book bag or anticipate a Blackboard Connect call from your school’s administration.

Continually, the District makes the safety of our students and our staff a priority. New doors, new classroom locks, and additional security are just a very small part of the safety and security practices and protocols which are reviewed and monitored throughout the year.
As we prepare for the implementation of new state assessments, we have upgraded our internet bandwidth, began a new student based initiative with Chrome Books, and are providing teachers with ongoing professional development to ensure that each student will maximize his or her potential for success in an ever-changing world.

Thank you for your continued partnership in providing the very best learning environment and experiences for the students of the West New York School District as we embark on another year of Excellence.



John Fauta

Superintendent of Schools