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Special Services Department

Special Services Department
5501 Park Ave.
West New York, NJ 07093

Christian Cardenas, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Support Programs
(201)553-4000 x 30604

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Meeting the Needs of Students with Special Needs 

The West New York School District has received word from the New Jersey State Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs’ that the district Meets Requirements regarding the implementation of federal and state education requirements for the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2007. 

According to the NJOSEP, the “West New York School District demonstrated correction of all noncompliance during its last on-site special education monitoring/verification visit and through other general supervisory activities.” 

Among the factors for the NJOSEP’s determination for FFY 2007, which ran from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008, were the district’s General, Supervision: including monitoring, targeted reviews, complaint investigations, verification, other oversight activities and data submissions; Placement in the Least Restrictive Environment; and Disproportionality.    

We continue to work hard to meet the needs of our students with special needs and meet the indicators, which reflect the progress of all out students,” said Beverly Lazzara, director of Special Services.

Listed below are some of the indicators used by the NJOSEP:  

  • Whether the NJOSEP needed to provide ongoing oversight as part of its general supervision, to facilitate progress of the local district in correcting noncompliance
  • Whether the local district was identified for “Significant Disproportionality” of specific racial/ethnic groups with regard to eligibility, placement, and/or disciplinary determinations, as indicated in its IDEA ’09 grant notice
  • Whether the local district was identified for the 2007-2008 self-assessment process based on the percentage of students with disabilities educated in separate public and/or private special education settings
  • Whether the local district’s data submissions were received by the NJOSEP in a timely manner

Child Find: West New York Residents  - Proyecto "Identifique a su niño": Para los residentes de West New York

PARENTS: If you have a child between the ages 0 and 3 and suspect he/she has a disability or impairment which affects his/her learning please contact New Jersey Early Intervention Services (NJEIS) at phone number (888) 653-4463.  If you have a child between the ages 3 through 21 and suspect he/she has a disability that negatively affects his/her learning, and you live in West New York, you may contact the Special Services office at West New York Board of Education.  We will provide you with information regarding services to which your child may be eligible. 

CALL:  Christian Cardenas, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Support Programs

(201) 553-4000, Ext. 30604


PADRES: Si usted sospecha que su hijo/a entre la edad de 0 a 3 años pueda tener algún impedimento o incapacidad que le imposibilita o afecta el aprendizaje por favor comuníquese con el Departamento de Intervención Temprana, NJEIS siglas en Ingles, al teléfono (888) 653-4463.  Si usted sospecha que su hijo/a entre la edad de 3 a 21 años pueda tener alguna incapacidad o impedimento que le imposibilita o afecta su aprendizaje y, usted es residente de West New York, puede comunicarse con la Oficina de Servicios Especiales del Departamento de Educación de West New York.  El Departamento de Servicios Especiales le podrá facilitar información respecto a los servicios para los cuales su hijo/a puede ser elegible. 

FAVOR DE LLAMAR: Christian Cardenas

(201) 553-4000, Ext. 30604 30028