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Welcome to Albio Sires Elementary School (PS4)

Principal's Message

As the principal of P.S. # 4 Albio Sires Elementary School, I welcome our students and their parents to another school year, filled with hope and optimism for your success. I would also like to welcome our new Assistant Principal Mrs. Laura Cirillo to the P.S. #4 family.

Despite all the economic difficulties that we all face we will work hard to provide you all the necessary tools to help you progress. Our faculty and staff will work with students and parents to achieve the common goal of bringing out the best in each student. Parents, please partner with us so that your children will maximize their abilities. Students, count on us to work with you and your parents as you begin to plan your future.

As we go through this year, rest assured that we will promote the safety, respect and well-being of our school community. And please be aware that the N.J. Anti- Bullying Law is designed to protect you. The West New York Board of Education will do everything possible to reinforce the meaning of the law, while also enforcing the word of the law.

Students, feel free to confide any problems to your teachers, your social worker and your administrators as you would your parents. And, parents, please feel free to e-mail, call or visit us at Albio Sires P.S. #4 School to express any concerns. My door is always open.

As always, I wish you a safe and prosperous 2016-2017 school year. I remain your public servant.

Brian Cooney, Principal

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