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Testing & Assessment

The West New York School District is dedicated to maximizing all students' potential for success. Details...

Early Childhood

Research in the field of early childhood education has shown that experiences provided in the early years help form the foundations for cognitive, emotional and physical development needed for later learning. The West New York Early Childhood Program is committed to meeting the individual needs of our diverse urban student population by providing a nurturing, harmonious atmosphere which supports each child's inherent love of learning and developing that potential by providing a high quality comprehensive early education program.  Details...

English as a Second Language

The District of West New York recognizes that the mastery of English Language skills is a prerequisite to effective participation in the state’s educational program. Bilingual education and English As a Second Language (ESL) programs can meet the needs of students who are English Language Learners (ELLs) and facilitate their integration into the regular school curriculum. Therefore, in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Education requirements to ensure equal educational opportunity to every student, and in recognition of the educational needs of ELLs, the district of WNY provides bilingual and ESL language programs for each student identified as an ELL in pre-Kindergarten through grade twelve.  Details...

Parental Involvement

The West New York School District is dedicated to maximizing all students' potential for success. As their child's first teacher, promoting and maintaining a positive relationship with parents/grandparents/guardians is vital to the success of our students. Details...

Bilingual Education

The West New York Board of Education believes that all students be given the same opportunities to a thorough, efficient, and equitable education. Rather than lowering the bar of expectations, the West New York Bilingual Program affirms the need for all English Language Learners (ELL) to strive to higher levels of cognitive and effective excellence. In essence, it is the philosophy of the Bilingual Program that all students can and must learn maximally and creatively. Our English Language Learners must aim to attain higher order-thinking skills needed to not merely function, but also thrive in the technological twenty-first century.  Details...

Early Literacy

Early Literacy is a child's ability to read, write, speak, compute, and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function in a Pre-K-3 classroom. The West New York School District is committed to providing a comprehensive Early Literacy program for all our students.  Details...

Gifted & Talented

The West New York School District offers a Gifted and Talented (G&T) Program. Visit our Gifted and Talented Website for more details.

Information and Referral Services Committee (I&RS)

The philosophy of the I&RS committee is to work collaboratively with and to assist educational staff who are having difficulties in addressing a student's learning, behavior, or health needs.  

I&RS Flowchart I&RS Information Brochure

I&RS Committees:

Public School #1 Public School #2
Public School #3 Public School #4
Public School #5 Harry L. Bain School
WNY Middle School Memorial High School
Early Childhood School  

Peer Leadership and Mediation Programs

The West New York School District is dedicated to maximizing all students' potential for success. In combination with a strong academic course selection, the Leadership Program offers our children the skills necessary to flourish in a world of change.  Details...

Special Education

The West New School District, through the Department of Special Services, provides a full continuum of special education programs, related services, and placement options to students ages three to twenty-one found to be eligible for special education services. Details...


The West New York School District believes that people are empowered by their independent use of information technologies and united by opportunities to share resources and communicate in our local and global communities.  In this age of information, it is essential that the West New York School District commit to preparing its students to work in an evolving, information-centered global community.  Given the rapid pace of technological change and the growth of information technologies in all aspects of our lives, it is critical that students become familiar with the tools of information technology.  All students and staff must be competent in using these tools to obtain information, to communicate, and to solve problems.  Details...

Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool Services

Transitioning from Early Intervention into Preschool (PDF brochure)


                       English version             Version en Espa'ol

World Language

The study of a world language is fundamental in the general education of any student.  The study of another language enriches students' lives and expands their perspective through the study of culture and literature.  There is a compelling and realistic reason for all students to study a language.  Details...

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