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Guidance Department

Guidance Office

Name Title Phone Extension
Charles Krajewski Guidance Asst Principal x 67016
Stacey Bogert Counselor x 67301
Maria Martinez Counselor x 67305
Catherine Buckman Counselor x 67302
Caridad Garciga Counselor - Alt Ed x 67304
Daniel Lucero Counselor, Bilingual x 67308
Zulema Zelwian Counselor x 67309
Elsie Diaz SAC Office x 67121
Mary Ann Santiago Crisis Counselor x 31213
Elaine Reiman Guidance Secretary x 67005
Janice Garciga Power School Secretary x 67007

MHS Special Education Services

Melissa Pace School Psychologist x 31219
Alex Oras CST x 31208
Caroline Perez CST x 31207
Robin Barbosa CST x 31206
Migdalia Gonzalez School Social Worker x 31209
MaryAnn Santiago School Social Worker x 31213
Robert Sico BRIDGES SERVICES x 57288


Please contact: Magaly Vinas or (201)553-4110 x 67003

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid (FAFSA) Overview ---- YouTube video

FAFSA Information: Senior Corner:
Completing the FAFSA - English     Spanish College Application Status Report
8-Step Guide "How to Apply for Federal and State Aid" Teacher Recommendation Form
How to create an FSA ID (Guide) EOF Income Scale 2018-2019
NJ FAFSA Days (File your FAFSA early - Flyer) Scholarship Searches
NJFAMS (NJ Financial Aid Management System) Senior College To-Do List
Prior, Prior Help Sheet Volunteer Opportunities
Federal Student Aid Programs -  English     Spanish  
Higher Education Student Assistance Authority  (HESAA)  
Interactive Student Loan Game Plan  
Other Important Links: What is this Financial Aid Thing Anyway?