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Welcome to the Harry L. Bain School (PS6)

Principal's Message

Tara Mantineo Robert Raparelli
Harry L. Bain Principal Assistant Principal
201-553-4095 Ext 66010 201-553-4095 Ext 66015
tmantineo@wnyschools.net roraparelli@wnyschools.net

Welcome back. It is with great pleasure that we announce the reopening of Harry
L. Bain. During our relocation period the original HLB was updated with modern
amenities to create a comfortable learning environment for students and staff. Air
condition, new lighting and updated technology have given Harry L. Bain a well
deserved restoration.

The 2017-2018 school year will be a year of transition for returning students and a
great start for new students. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, our main
goal is to provide our students with the most current educational resources to
achieve their greatest potential. Harry L. Bain is a well diverse population which
adds great character to our school community.

Our dedicated teaching staff is the driving force of our school. Their commitment
to our students and support from the local community has provided our students
with a solid educational foundation that is necessary in the ever changing world.
In partnership with the most up to date technology, highly qualified teachers and
an engaging curriculum, our students are endowed with a well rounded educational

We look forward to working with you and encourage your involvement with your
child’s educational career. An education is the best gift a child can receive and
together we can provide a great learning experience that will enable our students to
reach their greatest academic potential.


Tara Mantineo, Principal

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