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Welcome to the Early Childhood Program

Principal's Message

We are delighted to welcome you and the preschool students to our program. Our dedicated and compassionate staff looks forward to working with you to ascertain that all early childhood children reach their fullest potential as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and respectful citizens of the future. The students will begin a new journey that will build strong foundations for future successes in all areas

West New York's Early Childhood Program is an excellent program that provides developmentally appropriate and rich experiences for young learners. The program continues to meet the many components that entail the Elements of a High Quality Preschool Program. One of these components is the researched based Tools of the Mind Program that is used in both the three and four year old classes. The curriculum objectives are to develop children's underlying cognitive skills and specific literacy skills. Additionally, it focuses on children's social-emotional school readiness. Children's learning styles and developmental levels are addressed through differentiation of instruction to meet the individualized learning needs of each student. Parents may access information about the Tools of the Mind Curriculum at www.toolsofthemind.org. While providing an excellent preschool education, we also provide a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to meeting the needs of our diverse population.

Another component of our quality program is the staff. The staff consists of supervisors, master teachers, nurses, highly qualified teachers, certified paraprofessionals, a Community and Parent Involvement Specialist, a Preschool Child Study Team, Preschool Intervention and Referral Team members, a social worker, speech therapists, resource teachers, a placement coordinator, administrative secretaries and custodians who are dedicated to make this program one of the best. Our staff is very motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced. They strive to accommodate all students' learning styles in a positive learning environment.

The Early Childhood Program is assessed on a yearly basis through the use of multiple instruments. The district also does a self assessment using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS), Supports for Early Literacy Assessment (SELA), and Preschool Classroom Mathematics Inventory (PCMI). The results are used to address areas of professional development, materials, and to meet the early childhood guidelines. This process has made the program what it is today-a high functioning preschool program.

To ensure that all children reach their highest potential, we encourage a strong home and school connection. The program offers many parent meetings throughout the school year to discuss topics that parents have identified through community surveys. During the school year, you will receive a community survey which will help us identify your needs as well as the community needs. The Early Childhood Program offers parent trainers, Preschool Intervention and Referral Team members, social workers and family workers to assist parents with any concerns, suggestions, or advice that may be needed to ensure children are ready to learn. Every month parents receive invitations to parent meetings and other programs that are offered, such as ESL classes, nutrition classes, and many more. The program will also have parent conferences, an Open House and Parents' Night. Parents will receive the dates through parent letters, the school website and/or through telephone messages.

Additionally, our program is housed in multiple school buildings. Our early childhood classrooms are located at the Early Childhood School, School Four Annex and at all elementary schools in the West New York School District. The program offers fourteen private provider locations throughout West New York (See attached list of provider locations and contacts). Children are offered breakfast and lunch. The program offers wrap around child care services in the morning and after school. This service is provided by Catapult Learning for our in-district program. The same service is offered at our private provider locations. Parents must apply in order for the children to participate in this program. Catapult Learning and/or Private Provider Directors can offer information based on eligibility requirements that must be met in order to participate in the before and after care program.

To ensure that the school is able to maintain children's health and safety, parents should notify the school if any changes take place in either the child's address or contact information throughout the school year. Telephone numbers need to be correct and updated so that the school can reach parents at all times. On a one session day, it is important that plans are made to pick up the preschool student by an adult that has been designated on the authorized pickup form. We want all our students to feel happy and secure that they will be leaving on time with a person they know and trust. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

I look forward to working with the parents and the staff, as well as meeting the preschool children this year. I am sure this will be a very rewarding and successful school year for all. Please feel free to contact my office at (201) 553-4035 if you wish to speak to me.

Rita A. Mendez, Principal