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Early Childhood

Research in the field of early childhood education has shown that experiences provided in the early years help form the foundations for cognitive, emotional and physical development needed for later learning. The West New York Early Childhood Program is committed to meeting the individual needs of our diverse urban student population by providing a nurturing, harmonious atmosphere which supports each child's inherent love of learning and developing that potential by providing a high quality comprehensive early education program.

Who is eligible for West New York's preschool program?

All West New York children who have reached the age of three or four by October 1st are eligible.

Where can I go to register my child?

Registration is ongoing throughout the school year at the registration office, located at PS#3 Annex, 5401 Polk Street, 201-553-4108 x 8221. Applications for the program may be obtained at the Registration Office, any of our Public Schools and Provider Preschools, and at the Board of Education Office located at 6028 Broadway.

Which school will my child be going to?

The school your child will attend depends upon your address. The children are placed in preschool classes that are located nearest to their residence while also taking into account parental choice.

What are the hours that the program is in session?

The West New York District Early Childhood expanded program includes the following components:

Is there a fee?

At the present time there is no fee for the services during the school day (8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) including registration, field trips, school supplies, etc.  There may be a fee for before and after school care, as well as for meals.  The fee for such services will depend on your current income.

I am a working parent. Who will be responsible for the children before school begins and after school?

At present the West New York Early Childhood Program has contracted with Catapult Learning to provide for the children who need before and after care services. They also are available to care for the children when the District schools are closed during certain dates in the school year. For more information call: 201-553-4035 x 69123 or email

Will my child be provided with lunch and daily snacks?

The school or center will provide breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. A menu indicating these choices will be sent home. Please review it to see if your child likes the food being served. If you decide not to participate on a specific day because of the food being served, please remember to provide food that is healthy and nutritious.

Are there classes in the summer?

Catapult Learning System offers an all day summer program. Please contact 201-553-4035 ext. 69123 or email for further information.

What kinds of opportunities are provided for parents to be involved in their child's education?

The West New York Preschool Program encourages active parental participation through activities such as: classroom volunteers, parent workshops on timely topics, monthly newsletters, field trip participation and ongoing teacher/parent contact. These activities take place during the school day or evenings based upon parental needs.

How can I get more information about the early childhood educational program?

More detailed information about the program can be found in the Early Childhood Handbook.