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Chef's Corner

West New York School District in conjunction with Nu-Way Concessionaires, (the districts food service provider) are pushing forward in its efforts to improve the overall health of its students by a faculty and staff that have a passion for this issue.

Letter to Parents regarding USDA's New Menu Standards - Sept 2012

Meet The Chef!

Chef Kim attended the Culinary Institute of America. Kim, or as she is known by thousands of students in New Jersey, Chef Kim, has been featured on Rachel Ray’s television program and in articles across the state brings an understanding of how to work with students to engage them in making better food choices.

Kim Gray is the Regional Chef for Nu-way Concessionaires and oversees our meal programs in the W.N.Y. School District. Chef Kim has worked in schools for six years and prior to that worked in corporate and healthcare food service. Chef Kim’s commitment to our children shows in the many improvements that have been made to our programs and all the programs she works with. Kim has been involved in working with our school’s staff to encourage healthy eating habits for our students. Chef Kim is currently working on the Silver award for the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Healthy US Schools Challenge.

Meet Our Foodservices Director!

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